Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Freddie Gray Protest Marchers Not Bothering Orioles Fans

From a Freddie Gray protester rally in front of Baltimore City Hall, which is eight city blocks northeast of the video's location, some of those protesters decided to march to Camden Yards to shut down an Orioles ballgame that was just then getting started. Those protest marchers did take over one side of Conway St. there and shut down vehicular traffic, but they did not not pay any attention to the many baseball fans who were walking on the sidewalks of Conway St..

This was shot out my front window. I was working at my computer there when they came walking by. And because there were so many other photographers (some very good, some practically worthless) all over the ongoing situation, I, at first, was staying out of it. By the time I had decided to get into it, because it was right there and I am one of the best, I only managed to video about half the marchers. When you view the videos on here that I shot of the police and protesters' standoff near Camden Yards, you will see that only a small percentage of the marchers got into that - somewhat violent, potentially more violent - action.

I rarely do work that is showing the news, and most always am creating honest, historical documents. That is how I worked on the Freddie Gray unrest in my hometown Baltimore.

[Watch this in HD on Full Screen, if you can.]

Photography by David Robert Crews
{a.k.a. ursusdave}

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